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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the Committee of Secrecy, War, and Intelligence of the North Carolina General Assembly to Charles Lee
North Carolina. General Assembly
May 06, 1776
Volume 11, Pages 296-297

[North Carolina State Papers—No. 72 p. 13.]
Committee of Secrecy, War and Intelligence of N. C. to Maj. General Lee.

Halifax May 6th 1776


We have this day received the inclosed from Brige General Moore, and have Orders from the Congress to inclose them to you, we are directed also to inform you that the Congress have Ordered a reinforcement of fifteen hundred Militia rank & file in two Battalions to join General Moore with all possible Expedition. This reinforcement is ordered to consist of detachments from four Eastern districts of the six into which our province is divided, because the Western Districts are reserved for a particular purpose which you are already acquainted with and you will perceive Genl Moore alludes to; These two Districts are inhabited cheifly by wheat Farmers and if obliged to leave their Crops before they can save that necessary Grain, a dearth in the next year could scarcely be avoided—The Congress have therefore judged this an additional reason for witholding the Militia in that part of our Colony at this Season unless the necessity becomes indispensibly urgent in which Case they are Ordered to be in readiness and it is not to be doubted but they will march with great Alacrity. The dispersed situation of our Inhabitants makes it impossible for the Militia reinforcement to be in the Field without some delay and the Militia of the neighbouring Counties have been in unremitting service so long that it has become irksome and exceeding burthensome to them. Under these circumstances the Congress could fall on no expedient more eligible than that already mentioned, altho they

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are sensible that some part of the reinforcement must go a considerable distance and therefore must be late in joining the Army, however the far greater part of it will be on its March in a short time and they are under Orders to proceed with all possible expedition, The Detachment from the District of Halifax will march from Tarborough (about forty Miles from hence) on Thursday Week, New Bern and Wilmington are nearer the Scene of Action and probably will be sooner in the Field, Edenton is still more remote, but as there is a passage by Water tis probable they will not be long behind. Ammunition and provisions have been already Ordered to General Moore, and we hope he will soon receive them; This representation of our Circumstances we make to you, Sir, under the direction of the Congress. They avoid requesting you to Order any reinforcement from Virginia, because they rely on your Wisdom, for taking the most expedient resolutions in this Matter, when informed of Facts.

We are Sir with great respect
Your very Obedt Servts
By order of the Committee of
Secrecy War & Intelligence
His Excellency
Major General Lee

Inclosed is an Estimate of what Gun Powder is in the Several Counties in our Colony—

[Endorsed] May 6th 1776

Letter from Thoss Burke Chairman of the Comee of War N. C. to General Lee Halifax May 6, 1776 enclosed in Genl Lee's letter of the 10. May 1776.