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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the North Carolina Council of Safety to John Hancock
North Carolina. Council of Safety
June 24, 1776
Volume 11, Pages 299-300

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[North Carolina State Papers—No. 72 p. 17]
Letter of Council of Safety of N. C. to John Hancock Pres't Continental Congress

North Carolina
Dobbs County 24 June 1776.


We take the Liberty through you to represent to your honble Body the distressed and defenceless state of this Colony. The great want of Fire Arms, Ammunition and other Warlike Stores, render our situation truly alarming; an Army hourly expected to land on our Coasts and apprehensions well founded of an im̄ediate War with the Southern Tribes of Indians, and a large body of people disaffected to the American Cause residing in the very heart of our Country ready (altho' once subdued) to make use of a more favorable opportunity again to throw this Colony into a scene of Blood and Confusion.

You will through our Delegates be informed of many other circumstances relative to this Colony. To them we beg leave to refer you.

We take the liberty however to observe that by the exertions of this Colony in assisting its Neighbors, the fitting Armed Vessels for the protection of Trade, keeping up a Number of Independant Companies to secure the Inhabitants from depredations of the Enemy on a very extensive Sea Coast, the establishing manufactories of Arms, Gun Powder, Salt, Salt Petre, Iron and many others, We have involved this Colony in such a load of Debt as the Inhabitants cannot possibly bear unless they receive immediate assistance—We cannot help trespassing further on your patience by observing on the immense loss fatigue and disappointment suffered by our people who turned out from all Quarters of the Country with the greatest Alacrity in the late Expedition against the highlanders and other Tories and upon repeated alarms ever since, fifteen hundred of whom we are now, in the absence of the regular Troops, oblidged to keep on duty at a Season of the year when their presence was absolutely necessary to procure bread for their families

From these considerations we have therefore every reason to

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expect that your honble Body will grant every assistance to a Colony which has so spiritedly and effectually supported the glorious Cause contended for and grant such necessary requisitions as may be made by our Delegates to enable us to persevere.

We shall as soon as possible lay before your Honble Body the expence of the late Expedition against the Tories and have the Honour to be with the greatest respect

Sir Your Most Obedient Humble
By Order of the Council of Safety

[Endorsed] No 4
Letter from the council
of Safety of North Carolina
24 June 1776
read 24 July.—