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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the North Carolina Council of Safety to Joseph Hewes, William Hooper, and John Penn
North Carolina. Council of Safety
July 07, 1776
Volume 11, Pages 308-309

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

Whitfields Ferry Dobbs County
July 7th 1776


In our last of June 24th we mentioned the arrival of the Gun powder sent from the Congress to Halifax and the very late action at Charles Town So. Carolina. in which much of that Article was Expended at the Batteries there the President of that Colony and Gen. Lee having requested in the most earnest manner that all

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which possibly could be spared from this Colony should be immediately sent to South Carolina accordingly we have dispatched off Waggons with a large quantity so that we have left this Colony almost in a defenseless State defenceless and very very alarming and as we have every reason to expect Genl. Clinton's return here should he fail in his Expedition against South Carolina and which we have the greatest reason to believe he will, we have therefore to request that you will upon the receipt hereof apply for an ample & immediate Supply of Gunpowder as the fate of this province as well as that of South Carolina must entirely depend upon it. We cannot therefore too earnestly recommend this Matter to you, we have also to desire that you will send us twenty four Rheams of writing paper & twelve dozen of Sym's Military guide for our Young Officers We must suggest to you the possibility of saving the great Expence of Waggoning Gunpowder, by applying to Consignors in Congress of the possibility of obtaining that Article by one or more Armed pilot boats, drawing little water to run into some of our Inlets, & the        Continent paying the expence of this  
the Codes of Laws of all the other Colonies  
the best & plainest directions for making Salt  
Gen Locke what can be bought 

N. B. the advantage that may be derived from Battering Cannon to fortify fort Johnson make a harbour for foreign Ships prevent the Enemies returning to annoy us or to refit and attack us & put it in our power still to fight our neighbors

We are Gentlemn your
Mo Obed hble Servts
By order of the Committee of Safety
North Carolina

Copy of a Letter sent Brigadier Wm. Bryan

same to Gen Jones

same to Genl. Vail

same to Committee N Bern

[Note.—This letter is defective in the places where blanks are left.—W. C.]