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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
General orders from Charles Lee at Charleston, South Carolina [Extract]
Lee, Charles, 1731-1782
July 20, 1776 - July 22, 1776
Volume 11, Pages 317-318

[Order Book of Gen Charles Lee Page 13]

Charleston, S. C., July 20th, 1776.


“The charge brought against Capt Cole of Col. Polks's Regiment1

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is of so extraordinary a nature, and the character of the Gentleman accused is in general so good, that Gen'l Lee thinks it his Duty, previous to a formal Tryal, that a Court of Enquiry should examine the Affair. Col. Huger, therefore, and the Gentlemen summoned as a Court Martial, are desired to consider themselves as a Court of Enquiry. A Court of Enquiry is not sworn, but only collects Evidence, and gives an opinion whether the matter enquired into is, or is not, of so serious a nature as to render a Court Martial necessary.”


July 21st

The Court of Enquiry, of which Colonel Huger was President, to examine into the conduct of Captain Cole of the 4th Battalion of North Carolinians, are of Opinion That he is not guilty of the Charge brought against him. He is, therefore ordered out of Arrest.

The 2nd Regiment of North Carolinians, or Col: Martin's, to be taken off all Duty this Day in order to be mustered; They are to assemble on their own Parade for this Purpose at 5 o'clock this afternoon. The 3d Regiment of North Carolina, or Col. Sumner's, to be mustered To-morrow; of course to be put on duty”


1 4th North Carolina Continentals.

Additional Notes for Electronic Version: According to Charles Lee's order book, the last paragraph of this document dates from July 22, 1776.