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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the North Carolina Council of Safety to Griffith Rutherford
North Carolina. Council of Safety
July 29, 1776
Volume 11, Page 333

-------------------- page 333 --------------------
[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.

Halifax 29 July 1776


We have this day rec'd a Letter from John Page Esqr. president of the Council of Safety in Virga. making application for 300 men to join the Virg. armament destined agst. the Over Hill Cherokees. We have thought proper to comply with the Request and have made a resolution to that purpose, which you will receive herewith, and which we expect you will comply with, with all possible Expedition. By advices from Surry County we learn that you have ordered no men from thence to join you agst. the Lower Cherokees, we would therefore recommend that you order the 300 Men above mentioned out of that County.—Mr. Page informs us that the Virginia Troops have no Salt, and writes pressingly for a supply of this Article; you will therefore be pleased to send 50 bushels of the Salt already sent up to your District along with the Detachment ordered to Holstien and we will take care to have that Quantity replaced from Cross Creek.

We have this day sent off 150 wt. of powder to Surry County; if you can't spare any of the powder which you have, for the Detachment ordered to Virginia, you must give an order to the Commanding Officer, to apply to Colo. Martin Armstrong for the powder above mentioned or such a part of it as you may think necessary.

We have also directed Colo. Armstrong to spare some Lead (for which we gave him an Order on Mr. Locke) if wanted.

P. S. We earnestly recommend to you to give us the most full and speedy Intelligence of your proceedings agst. the Indians. Should you find that there is no need of the 500 Men ordered by this Board to join you from Hillsborough District, you will, of course countermand them immediately.

To Gen. Rutherford.