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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
General orders from Charles Lee at Charleston, South Carolina [Extract]
Lee, Charles, 1731-1782
August 03, 1776 - August 04, 1776
Volume 11, Pages 336-337

[Order Book of Gen. Charles Lee page 18]

Charlestown, Aug. 3, 1776.


“The whole Troops, Continental and Provincial, that are off Duty to parade to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock near Liberty Tree.

The Brigade Major is immediately to procure a Return from the

-------------------- page 337 --------------------
Virginia and North Carolina Regiments of the number of those who from Sickness are unfit to march; those in the Hospitals, or those who ought to be in the Hospitals; and the Convalescents and slightly indisposed to be distinguished in different columns.

Colonel Roberts and Major Elliott are added to the Court of Officers that are appointed to settle the Continental rank of Col Mühlenburg and Col. Sumner.”

By order of the Council of Safety
Delegates in Congress Philadelphia

Additional Notes for Electronic Version: According to Charles Lee's order book, these orders date from August 3 and 4, 1776. The signatures at the bottom of this document do not relate to the orders.