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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the North Carolina Council of Safety to Ebenezer Folsom
North Carolina. Council of Safety
August 13, 1776
Volume 11, Pages 342-343

[From MS. Records in the Office of the Secretary of State.]

Halifax 13th Aug. 1776

Col. Folsome

Yours of the 7th of Augt lies before us.—As your Detachmt has never been complete and is rendered still weaker by Capt. Caldwell's Departure, and as there is Cause to suspect the Tories of evil Designs, the Council are of Opinion that the 25 Volunteers whom you have taken into pay should be continued until Caldwell returns, or, until further Orders from us.—It has been represented to us that you follow gaming and other Dissipation to the neglect of your Duty as a Soldier, but we hope this is not true; however we beg leave to observe that the Command intrusted to you is a Matter of much Importance to the Publick, and to recommend the greatest Vigilance and Activity in the discharge of it.—We have already done everything in our power to procure Lead for the Publick from Chizwells Mines and elsewhere, to very little

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purpose; but we shall continue to do every thing we can to this End, and when we have procured some, your Detachment shall be supplied among the Rest,—and in the mean time, you are directed to collect all the Lead you can find in your County, such as Lead, Lead weights, sheet or Bar Lead, and reserve it for publick use, & giving Reeeipts to the Owners specifying the Quantity that they may hereafter obtain payt.

It is altogether out of our Power to make an additional allowance by way of Rations or otherwise to the Horse;—that must be submitted to Congress.

We have already sent Orders to you to render us an Acct. of all the Salt, in whosoever hands it may be, at Cross Creek; but as you have not so done we presume you have not recd. the order.