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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from the North Carolina Council of Safety to Griffith Rutherford
North Carolina. Council of Safety
September 11, 1776
Volume 11, Pages 351-352

[From MS. Records in the Office of Secretary of State.]

Salisbury September 11th 1776


By Brigadier General Person we received your Letter dated the first day of this instant by which we are fully informed of the number and Situation of the Army under your command. This will be delivered you by Mr. Avery if no accident happens: this Gentleman is sent on purpose to you & requested to return with all possible Expedition. It is our wish and desire that you will by him acquaint us with a State of the Army, and with the Situation of the Enemy, as also where our Forces, and the Enemies are, and about what time you think you will Effect the purpose of the Expedition. It is also our desire that should you conquer the enemy and possess yourself of their Country that you would if it appears to you, sensible, and expedient, erect in the most suitable place, a good and substantial Stockade Fort, and to Garrison the same, with a sufficient number of Volunteers, drawn out of the forces which you Command. We hope that young men who have no families at home, will readily offer themselves on this important occasion. Should you be able to effect this, it will be proper to preserve all the Corn in your power, more than will be sufficient for the use of the Garrison, as also to spare as much Provision Ammunition as you can or shall deem necessary. It will be quite convenient and prudent, that you should on your return home, if it is practicable, clear a road from the Enemies Country, into this; as by opening of a Road, their Country will at all times be accessible from this State, and the Garrison can be more readily assisted, with the Necessary supplies of Provisions, ammunition, & should a peace be concluded it may be altogether unnecessary. This matter in a great

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measure is left, to your own Judgement & goodsense.—we have to desire that you will restrain the Soldiery, from destroying the women and Children, (should any of them fall into your hands) and that all prisoners taken by you be sent to this State. Should the Inhabitants of the Middle & Valley Settlements of the Cherokee Indians, abandon their Towns, and join the Over hill Indians, in that case we think it quite proper if it can be done, for you to give Assistance to Colo Christian who now commands the Virginia Forces, together with a detachment from your Brigade. This Matter we must also altogether submit to your Judgement, & discretion. We fear should all the Indians unite and make a Stand in the over Hill Towns, they will prove an over match for the Army there & should that be the case, which you on the spot will of course be the better judge of: assist Colo Christian if in your power.

We should be glad to hear often from you, and should any Eventful Matter happen, after Mr. Avery leaves you, please to send an Express, as this whole State, through us, will have the Information concerning Indian Affairs, which they so Ardently wish for.

We have little Northern News, Genl. Washington & Genl. Howe seem to be watching each others Motions, & we expect daily to hear, of a battle—from Europe we learn that the Kingdoms of France & Spain have opened their ports to us, and that two large fleets, are already fitted out at the ports of Toulon & Brest in France: which circumstance very much alarms the British Court, and orders have Issued to prevent the further Embarkation of Troops for America. The Northern Ships of war, have had very great success, many West India Ships laden with Sugar Rum Coffee &c homeward bound: have been lately taken, some of them very valuable prizes.

We are wishing you all imanigable Success, Sir,
Your Mo. obed Servts
By order of the Council of Safety
To Brigadier General Rutherford