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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from David Barron to Richard Caswell and the [North Carolina Council of State?]
Barron, David
Volume 11, Pages 358-359


To his Excellency Gov. Caswell and the Hon. privy Council in the State of North Carolina
May it please your Excellency & Honors.

The owners of the Brigantine called the Buckskin intend sending her on a voyage to old France in the course of five or six weeks, with a valuable Cargo, and wishing to render every service in their power to the State of North Carolina submit the following proposals to your Excellency and Honors. Upon the arrival of the Brigantine to any Port in France, where the Cargo can be disposed of to advantage, the owners will order seven Thousand five Hundred Dollars, of the nett proceeds of her Cargo to be laid

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out to the best advantage, in such articles as your Excellency & Honors think proper to direct, on account of this state—which shall be delivered at New Bern at the small advance of Two hundred per Cent. from the prime cost in France—upon condition that your Excellency & Honors will ensure fifteen thousand Dollars, on said Brigantine & Cargo, all risk from the Harbor of New Bern to at and from France until she returns into the Harbor of New Bern again, at 25 per Cent.

I am Gentlemen in behalf of Self & Partners—

Additional Notes for Electronic Version: This letter is almost certainly from David Barron, a merchant in New Bern.