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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Moore to Richard Caswell
Moore, James, 1737-1777
January 22, 1777
Volume 11, Page 367

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Charlestown Jany 22nd 1777


A part of the North Carolina Brigade arrived here the 14th Inst. and is now encamped at Hadrell's point, about five miles from this Town, where for want of Barracks the men are much exposed, in consequence of which many of them are sick, and rendered unfit for duty, with colds and perepneumonies. What still increases their hardships is the want of Blankets, one-half of them not having blankets to cover them. I should therefore imagine it would greatly benefit the service, if the men were provided with that article, there now being now an opportunity for that purpose. A sufficient number may be purchased in this Town. Should this opportunity be omitted, perhaps another may not offer again. I would therefore earnestly recommend to you and the Council of the State, to direct the Treasurer of the Southern District of your State, to advance fifteen hundred dollars, to be lodged in the hands of some person here, and applied to the purpose above mentioned

I am, Sir with respect your humb'l Servt.

P. S. Capt. Jones, who commanded a Troop of Horse resigned the 25th of Oct. last, since which time Mr. Medici has acted as Capt. I would therefore recommend that a Commission should be made out for him.

J. M.
Gov. Caswell