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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Peter Le Poole to Richard Caswell
Le Poole, Peter
February 28, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 398-399

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Charleston, S. Carolina, 28th Feb. 1777.

His Excellency Richard Caswell, Esq.

Since I had the honour to left your State I never was favoured with any favors—I take this opportunity to acquaint your Excellency, that I am intended to depart from this province, in three weeks time direct to Amsterdam through the North Canal in the Big Liberty now loading with rice and indico. My going direct to Holland, and not via Westendun is, that my friends acquainted me of the risque in the Westendun, and the underwriters made no difference in the premium to there or Holland, and my being sooner in Holland in order to able me to serve my friends and the different States which have honoured me with their agency. With the last letters I have from Holland the price of the tobacco of Virginia was 8¼ pence pr. lb. and by the arrival of a vessel in this port last week direct from Nantes dated 28th December 1777 I, got a letter from my friend, which mention the price of the tobacco 70 livres the 100 lb.; rice 20 livres and 10 sol.; indigo 6 liv. 10 sol. a 8 liv. 10 .

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sol. pr. lb. which no doubt are as high in Holland and worth while your observation. In case your State load a vessel and send her to Holland, please to direct: viz: to Peter LePoole and by his absence to Mr. John. Westendorp Mercht in Amsterdam, because I might been taken, in order to have a house in Amsterdam, to act in my behalf. Mr. Craike (now here) promise to converse with your Excellency what sort of goods your State shall require in return from Holland in case you shall think proper to send a vessel with tobacco, as the time is rather short to have the returns towards next winter.

I remain with due respect Sir, your Excellency's most humble servant,