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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Lord to Richard Caswell
Lord, William
February 28, 1777
Volume 11, Page 399

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Wilmington 28th Feby 1777

May it please your Excellency.

Since my appointment of Pay-master to the first Regiment at Halifax, I've been in a very bad state of health. however have done my duty as such as far as in my power. I only returned from Charlestown last week and am now confined to my room, therefore it's entirely out of my power to attend the deputy paymaster for money to pay the Troops, as I've paid away all that I got from him, and have attended Mr. Treasurer Ashe in hopes of getting some, but to no purpose, he having none in the Treasury. I am therefore obliged against my inclination to enclose you my appointment & hope my bad state of health will be a sufficient excuse for my giving up this post. The bearer Mr. Richard Bradley I would recommend to your Excellency, as a person deserving your notice and shall ever think it a favor done me, if you will appoint him in my stead; he will give your Excellency undoubted security. I hope to attend the Assembly in order to render my account for the public money, which I've been entrusted with. Till then am with the greatest respect.

your Excellency's mo. ob. humbl. Serv't