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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to Samuel Johnston
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
March 05, 1777
Volume 11, Page 408

-------------------- page 408 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book]

New Bern 5th March 1777.

Dear Sir:—

Inclosed is an order of Council respecting the purchasing provisions in the State. In pursuance of which I have appointed Colo Ja. Blount to purchase at Edenton, Mr. James Green, Jr. at New Bern. To the former I have given an order on you for three thousand five hundred pounds, and to the latter an order for seven thousand pounds. These drafts, I flatter myself, you will honour, either in paying them in our currency or drafts on the Continental Treasury for small sums such as they think may be disposed of with the greatest expedition, as thereby they will be enabled to render their country great service; the purchasing provisions being already too long delayed, owing to the length of time the dispatches from Congress were on their way to this State. I expected Col. Jacob Blount would have set out for Baltimore a fortnight ago, but by one means or other he has been delayed, until we have certain assurances that all the Continental Troops in this State are ordered to the Northward to join General Washington. In consequence of which and Col. Blount's information to Council that he thinks it will be in his power to pay off the Troops on their leaving the State, they have advised that he decline bringing the money you gave him bills for from Baltimore, but that he let it remain there ready to receive on the arrival of the Troops there. And as the Congress resolved that the 500,000 for this State should be paid to the Governor's Warrant, I furnished Mr. Blount with such warrant, and a copy of the resolve; but as he did not set out as expected I have called on him for them, and lest your bills should not be paid until the warrant arrives. I enclose it to you with a copy of the Resolve of Congress, that the Treasurer may have recourse to the original, if he is there I also send two letters to Doct. Burke herewith, which I had wrote to him at different times to go by Mr. Blount: the contents of which are chiefly to request his assistance in getting the money paid to our Treasurer's orders. Please to forward them with the warrant, and at the same time let Dr. Burke know the reason of Mr. Blount's not going on.

With great esteem and regard,
I am, Dear Sir, your most obed. serv't,
Samuel Johnston Esquire.