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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to James Moore
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
March 08, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 412-413

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Newbern, 8th march 1777.

Dear Sir,

I have your favour informing the time you propose marching from Wilmington, and the route you intend to take, since which I have been informed by Maj'r Brewster that by some means the Troops have been delayed at Charles Town, so that I am inclined to think you will not march so soon: therefore can not now appoint a time for the meeting of the Council, but shall do that on rece't of further information from you. The Congress have required me to inform them the state of the Army here, as well of the 6 first Regiments, as of the 3 last raised or raising in this State. I must therefore request you will be pleased to order a return to be made me as soon as possible, and that the names of the Commissioned Officers be inserted in such return. If it were possible, I should be glad to know who of them you think proper to order to the No. ward. that Com's. from the Cont'l. Congress may be filled up for them before they leave this State. I am told there are Com's. here for six Regiments.— In the mean time I have filled up the Com's. from this State to Col's. Lamb and Lytle, which I herewith enclose, and request the fav't. of you to deliver them. I shall be glad to be informed if you approve the filling in the Con't. Com's., and what assistance you think you will have occasion of from the Gov't. Council on your march through this State.

I am with great esteem and regard, Dear Sir, &c.,
R. C.
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To Gen. Moore.

P. S. I have requested Col. Armstrong of the eighth Regiment to make me a return on his arrival at Halifax, and to require the same of every commanding officer at Halifax, of such parts of the respective Regiments as he may find there.

R. C.