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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Hunter to Richard Caswell
Hunter, John
March 12, 1777
Volume 11, Page 424

-------------------- page 424 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Martinb'gh, Pitt Co. March 12th 1777.

May it please your Excellency.

Having been a prisoner in this State since the 20th of April; from which time till the 27th of July I enjoyed the privileges allowed the other prisoners; but owing to some misrepresentation of my behaviour to the Council then sitting at Halifax, I was sent here where I have been ever since, confined in the narrow limits of this town, appearing daily at the house of a common constable; which induces me to address myself to your Excellency, hoping it will appear from my uniform behaviour, since my confinement here, that I never had any intention of being a hurt to the cause, while a prisoner; & that my taking an active part against the country was owing to my relations, on whom I was then entirely dependent; but having since by the death of an uncle, a valuable property left me, which is suffering greatly in my absence; and the unalterable resolution I have taken of leaving this country so soon as I can obtain my release, makes me wish to be removed to Halifax from this disagreeable situation; where I may enjoy the company of my fellow prisoners, and be ready whenever an exchange may offer: which is all I could pretend to claim from your Excellency's goodness, that has so deservedly acquired you the highest esteem of the captives in this State. And to remain

With due respect, your most obedient humble servant,
His Excellency Richard Caswell Esq.