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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from R. Cotten to Richard Caswell
Cotton, R.
Volume 11, Pages 427-428

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]


It appears from your Excellency's good and worthy Authority that you have granted an administration to William Cotten on the

-------------------- page 428 --------------------
Estate of Willis Cotten deceas't. We who have an interest in that small Estate often denied William Cotten to administer till he at length Principally Refused,—James Slatter who was Brother-in-law to the deceas't and greatest Creditor, also, applied to Court in a fair open manner and an Administration was granted to him an order of Court for the day of sale, &c., &c. William Cotten finding this to be the case then immediately applied to your Excellency's assistance and as I expect did not tell you the consequence thereof, which the Sheriff was dubious he had not told you the Truth in that affair, and as such did not sell because Cotten refused to deliver the effects. Cotten now intends to sell them hisself as the Sheriff Refuses to sell them till he may see you, and as such please to send me a line by Mr.——— and whether the Sheriff may sell or no as he desired me to write knowing I should have a quick opportunity.

I am with Consent Your most obed't. Humbl serv't.