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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Blount to Richard Caswell
Blount, James
March 21, 1777
Volume 11, Page 432

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Edenton, March 21st 1777.


Mr. Samuel Johnston tells me he hath no money in the Treasury. He made me an offer of bills on the Continental Treasury for the amount of your warrant, but not being able to purchase more than between twenty and thirty pounds of pork, I have not taken any bills yet, but have taken all the care and pains in my power to purchase that commodity agreeable to your Excellency's and Council's orders, but am positive it can not be had under eight pounds per barrel, any where upon Roanoke or in the neighborhood of Virginia, as it bears the price of nearly quite seven pounds, the currency of that State; I could yesterday have purchased almost one hundred and fifty barrels, could I have given eight pounds instead of seven. If your Excellency shall think proper to give me any further directions, I shall be very glad to hear from you as soon as possible. From

Sir, Yours with great respect
His Excellency Richard Caswell.

P. S. I've been very unwell ever since I saw your Excellency last.