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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Patrick Henry to Richard Caswell
Henry, Patrick, 1736-1799
April 01, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 438-439

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Wmsburgh, April 1st, 1777.


Last spring the Convention of this Commonwealth directed two large Galleys to be built for protecting your trade & ours. Will you be pleased to tell me in what state they are, & how soon they will be fit for service. A considerable quantity of European goods were sent from hence to Edenton or Halifax, and there deposited. They were intended for the use of Colo. Muhlenburg's Regiment; but as it marched to the North, the goods will be sent for, if you will be so obliging as to enquire for them & tell me in whose custody they are. I hope you'll please to excuse the trouble I give you, as I really know not whom else to apply to, or by what other

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means to preserve the goods from being entirely lost. From the last intelligence I am inclined to think the Cherokees will be further troublesome. In every instance I shall be happy to cooperate with your State, but especially in matters respecting these Indians, in whose enmity or friendship the back settlers of Virg'a. & Carolina are so deeply interested. I did myself the honor to inform you of a treaty appointed to be held with them. It may possibly produce something. If offensive operations become necessary, is it not best to postpone it till corn is planted? Will you please to favor me with your sentiment on this subject, & thereby greatly oblige him

who has the honor to be with esteem, sir, yr. mo. obt. servt
His Excellency Richard Caswell,
Governor of North Carolina.