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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Howe to Richard Caswell
Howe, Robert, 1732-1786
April 10, 1777
Volume 11, Page 446

-------------------- page 446 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Charles Town 10th April 1777.

Dear Sir:

I returned very lately from a fatiguing, fruitless, expedition to Georgia, the enemy having retreated on our approach. I got your obliging letter a day or two since, and shall observe its contents particularly, I am sorry my time will not permit me to say more to you in answer, than to assure you I shall comply with your request of writing to you, & shall always hear from you with pleasure. I beg you would inform me frequently how our public matters are situated, & am very much interested about the formation of the constitution. Captain Faulks & some other officers came to South Carolina to recruit for the Continental horse of Georgia. I am charged by the State to require your assistance on this occasion, & by your means that of your State. The situation of Georgia is truly deplorable; it must fall if it can not get its battalions full. Believe me, dear Sir, it is an embarrassing command to me, & a circumstance of anxiety & fatigue. I have been already four times to it, and expect soon to go there again. I have this moment received by express an account that some of our people have been murdered by the Indians in that quarter next the Creek nation, & the agent writes that a war with them is much to be feared, & expected.

I am &c.,
His Ex. Gov. Caswell.