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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Page to Richard Caswell
Page, John, 1744-1808
April 17, 1777
Volume 11, Page 451

[From Executive Letter Book.]

In Council, Wmsburgh, April 17th1777.


Your letter of the 11th instant by express to his Excellency the Governor he rec'd, & being too much indisposed to attend at the Board he desired me to lay it before the Council, I have therefore, Sir, the honor of writing you a few lines—for the multiplicity of business before us will permit me to write but a few. The Commissioners appointed by this State to treat with the Cherokees, were directed to inform your Excellency of the time & place they should appoint to meet the Indians: but as they have failed to do so and the day of meeting agreed on by your State, & So. Carolina, & Georgia, being now so near at hand, & the place at a great distance. I fear it will not be in their power to meet at that time: but I hope the Commissioners who shall meet, will proceed in their important business, as there can be no doubt that they will conclude no treaty which will not be for the common good, & that they will pay an impartial regard to the interest of any State which may not happen to have its Deputies or Commissioners present.

I am, Sir, your most obed't serv't.,
Lieut. Gov.
To His Excellency Ricd. Caswell, Gov. &c.