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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to Thomas Burke
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
May 13, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 470-471

[From Executive Letter Book.]

New Bern, 13th May, 1777.

Dear Sir:—

Your favour of the 15th ultimo. I received some days past, since which the General Assembly has adjourned to the 3d of November next, then to meet at this place. No Courts of Law are established. County Courts and Courts of Oyer are continued, upon the late plan struck out by Congress: a tax bill has passed, taxes to be raised by assessment; a further encouragement to inlisting into the Continental service of 10 dollars and 100 acres of land to those who engage for three years, and 150 acres to them who serve to the end of the war: the officers have recruiting instructions from me, and I hope the late Resolve of Congress, giving the Executive Powers in the different States control over them will have a very good effect. I informed you in my last the Assembly had directed a new Regiment to be raised under the command of Col. Sheppard; if it is put on the Continental establishment, pray inform me so soon as you can conveniently, that the officers may govern themselves accordingly. The militia law is passed: part of which, (the militia) is directed to be immediately raised for the defence of our frontiers against the incursions of the Indians. Much of the time of the Assembly was taken up in trifling matters. Three new Counties are established, part of Orange called Caswell, part of Rowan called Burke, part of Pasquotank called Camden, John Butler appointed Brig. General, instead of Thos. Person, who was more troublesome this Assembly, if possible, than formerly. Mr. Johnston and Mr. Ashe are appointed Treasurers, with a salary of £500, each. The former, I incline to think, will resign. He is far from being pleased with the conduct of the Assembly. They left out Mr. Hews in the first nomination of delegates. Mr. Penn was appointed in his stead. Mr. Hooper afterwards resigned, and Mr. Harnett was chosen. Mr.

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Penn left this a few days ago. He carried a Commission appointing Delegates, agreeable to resolution of Assembly. Lest he should not arrive so soon as this letter, I inclose herewith a Commission; and lest accident may happen, I shall furnish Mr. Harnett with one, who, I suppose will set out shortly, and by whom I promise myself to write to you. By that time 'tis possible I may have an opportunity of looking over the Journals of the Assembly, and knowing what they have done. At present I am almost a stranger to it, not having received more than two or three messages from that Body, during the whole course of the session: tho' I had sent them many more. They have directed Mr. Blount's Warrant for 250,000 dollars to be cancelled; and Mr. Ashe is to draw for 25,000 more than what he had before drawn, and the remainder the Delegates are to send out. I will endeavour to furnish you with a copy of the resolve by the next opportunity.

I am &c.
Thos. Burke Esqr.