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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from [James?] Bradley to Richard Caswell
Bradley, [James?]
June 07, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 489-490

[Executive Letter Book.]

Wilmington, June the 7th, 1777.


I embrace this opportunity to acquaint you of my present situation, which is very disagreeable to me. My men are daily complaining for want of their money, and attempting daily to desert the company. Their duty is very hard. We have about 40 men and serjeants and all fit for duty, and eleven of them on guard every day. Without their money they will not stay. They had a subscription amongst them, and the greater part of them had signed it, before I found it out; but as it happened I stopped the mutiny. And further I have to acquaint your Excellency of the misconduct of Mr. Kingsberry, which I am very sorry for, that among so few officers there should be so many informations made. Mr. Kingsberry has left his company expressly against my orders, as I am commanding officer at present. I think it my duty to acquaint you of such behaviour. There is no officer at present but myself that is fit for duty, and I hope his Excellency will think proper to order some officer to my assistance. I take it very unkind of Mr. Kingsberry to leave me in such a situation. Since there is so much dissatisfaction among the men and officers, I would beg leave of his Excellency to resign my Commission. It was from your recommendation that I received it, and I think it my duty to acquaint

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you of it; in which I return you many thanks, in hopes that you will be agreeable to my resignation. Was it not for the divisions that there is, I would think myself happy in serving the State. We expose ourselves by the divisions to the highest degree. But I am determined, let the consequences be what it will, that I suffer nothing to be transacted in the company, but what is just, and I hope His Excellency will not take any conduct amiss of me. It is generally thought that those informations that were lodged against Capt. Vance were entirely for self interest. But I hope this will be a convincing proof to eyes of every person. I am, Sir,

Your most obedient & humble servant,