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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Antoine-Jean-Louis Le Bègue de Presle Duportail to Richard Caswell
Duportail, Antoine-Jean-Louis Le Bègue de Presle, 1743-1802
June 1777
Volume 11, Pages 492-493

[From Executive Letter Book.]


We are just arrived in this place three officers of the Corps Royal of Engineers: (genie) in France, that is to say one Lieutenant Colonel, one Major, one Captain of the Corps Royal of the Artillery of France, one Lieutenant, two Sergeants, now engaged in the Continental Service by Dr. Franklin and Mr. Deane deputy of the general

-------------------- page 493 --------------------
Congress at the Court of France: the vessel now lying at New River, freighted at the expence of the Congress, which vessel as well as cargo is directed to Edenton; this is therefore to give you notice, in hopes, Sir, that you will give all necessary orders for our being furnished with the means of repairing as soon as possible to Philadelphia, where we are expected. We should have given you notice sooner, but that we made sure you had heard of our arrival. We should be loth to lose time on so pressing anoccasion.

I am your most obedient and very humble servant,
Lieutenant Colonel
au Corps Royal Ingenieurs.
His Excellency the Governor
Richard Caswell.