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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Joseph Jones and James Ferebee to Richard Caswell
Jones, Joseph; Ferebee, James
June 17, 1777
Volume 11, Page 499

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Camden, June 17th, 1777.


In the return of the list of Magistrates for this County Mr. Joseph Jones was omitted to be returned, who was then unwell, and could not attend the House of Assembly at that time. He and his neighbours are desirous he should act in that capacity, being very convenient to a large number of the inhabitants. Should you have it in your power to send out a new commission, and add Mr. Jones to it, it will be very agreeable to his neighbours. He claims the first place in the Commission, as he was turned out by Governor Tryon to answer the purpose of forcing a Clerk upon the County of Pasquotank, and is now the oldest magistrate that was then in the Commission, by which Commission the last was regulated. Mr. William Burgess waits on you for the Commission, in case you find it convenient to send one, the one we have shall be taken good care of, and returned, if necessary, into the Secretary's Office. The name of the County was left out in one place in the first Commission, which perhaps may add to the legality of sending another.

We are, Sir, your very humble servants,
His Excellency Richard Caswell.