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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Lee Davidson to Richard Caswell
Davidson, William Lee, 1746-1781
July 02, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 506-507

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Head Quarters, Salisbury, July ye 2d, 1777.


In compliance with your Excellency's orders I have sent you a return of the part of the 4th Battalion now present. There was four Captains and eight subalterns of the 4th Regiment left in this State for this purpose of recruiting; you will find by the return that only two Capt's and three subalterns have appeared with their recruits. It is now three days since the time appointed to meet which could not be effected sooner on account of the circumstances

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mentioned in my letter by Mr. Alexander. I expect the other officers every day but have reason to fear that their success has not been good. The chief of the returned recruits were raised in Rowan Co. and I imagine that the business would go on with pretty good success, could recruiting money be procured. I have appointed a Commissary to victual the Battalion while we remain here so that the greatest difficulty we labour under at present is the want of a paymaster, as the greatest part of the soldiers have received but a part of their bounty. I am afraid of being blamed for not having the recruits paraded at quarters before this time, but beg to have it considered that I had recruiting instructions to send to officers in the most distant parts of the State after they come to my hand. The recruiting service and the discipline of the Troops shall be strictly attended to.

I am, Sir,
Your Excellency's most obedient and humble servant,
Major 4th R.
To His Excellency Richard Caswell, Governor and Commander in chief of the State of North Carolina.