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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Easton to Richard Caswell
Easton, John
July 04, 1777
Volume 11, Page 510

-------------------- page 510 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Beaufort, ye 4th July, 1777.


The 2 Independent Companies which I am paymaster to has received from your Excellency no pay since the money I received from your Excellency at Halifax which paid them up to the first of December. I have got bills to £1000 am't but have not as yet sold them; there is at this time due them exclusive that sum for 6mo. pay which at £500 per month as the 2 Companies am't nearly to that sum makes a sum of £3000 now due. If your Excellency should think it consistent should be glad of a warrant for about £3500 as I would willingly pay them off and the commissions will swell the am't some. Mr. Gibble waits on your Excellency for that purpose.

We have had expectations of your Excellency's paying us a visit, should be happy in endeavoring to make the time agreeable while here. Pure air and plenty of fish we have still to boast of.

I am with due regard your Excellency's obed. serv't.,
To His Excellency the Governor.