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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Henry Irwin to Richard Caswell
Irwin, Henry, ca. 1725-1777
July 16, 1777
Volume 11, Page 521

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Tarborough, 16th July, 1777.

Dr. Sir:—

Being extremely unwell prevented my attending at Halifax. I am now got some better, and would wish your Excellency's permission to go all to the No'ward to join my Regiment, as I can't promise my self any advantage I can be of to the army, staying here.

I am very sorry to inform you of too many evil persons in this and the neighboring Counties being joined in a most wicked conspiracy; but am in hopes it may be stopped, as many have come in, and made all the discovery they knew of,—about 30 of them made an attempt on this place, but luckily I had about 25 men to oppose them. I disarmed the whole, and made many take the oath.

I am Dear Sir,
Your Excellency's most ob't. Serv't.,
His Excellency Richard Caswell.