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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Mebane to Richard Caswell
Mebane, Robert
July 17, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 521-522

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Halifax, July 17th 1777.


A return of the success of the 7th Battalion your Excellency will have in the General return from the Commanding Officer, the

-------------------- page 522 --------------------
chief reason given by most of the officers upon the recruiting service for their bad success is want of money, in which I am persuaded there may be some justice. We have numbers of deserters, who I think it will be impossible ever to have brought in, unless officers are sent on purpose after them; as they generally live too obscure for proclamations or any other offered clemency to reach them, even if we could suppose they were determined to return to their duty. I have, (with the leave of the commanding officer) sent several officers from the 7th Battalion in quest of them. As some officers had not discharged their duty, and in some measure disobeyed orders upon hearing the instructions given by your Excellency (to the Commanding Officer) they beg leave to resign; this indulgence I think may be granted them without any injury to the service. I should be glad, in making future appointments in this Battalion, if agreeable to your Excellency, that Commissions may be granted conditionally, according to the number they recruit. I should also be glad that I may be ordered to march with the first that goes from this place.

I am, Sir, with all possible deference and respect
Your very hble. serv't.,
His Excellency Governor Caswell.