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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Selby Harney to Richard Caswell
Harney, Selby
July 17, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 522-523

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Camp at Halifax, July 17th, 1777.


I am extremely unhappy to inform you of the bad success we have within the recruiting service, but as it is a general complaint of my officers that they could not dispose of their bills, and that the officers of the 10th Regiment ordered to be raised for the defence of American liberty have been the greatest impediments, by assuring the people in general that those who would enlist with them should not go out of the State; I hope therefore your Excellency will take it into due consideration, and be assured it is the greatest mortification to inform you how far we have fell short of our own and perhaps your Excellency's expectations.

The ungenerous conduct of Mr. Stephen Swain has been the

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principal cause of my giving your Excellency this present trouble, who after he had solicited me to interest for him with you for a Commission, ungenerously refused it, I have therefore sent it inclosed.

I would also inform you of the conduct of Mr. Charles Dennis, a second Lieutenant in the 8th Battalion, who was ordered to march with our forces to the Northward, but has disobeyed orders, and is now at home with a considerable sum of the country's money in his hands. The bearer Mr. Stephen Owens, has applied to me for an Ensign's commission, but as he is a stranger to me, I would refer to you as the properest judge whether his recommendation is sufficient.

And I am with due respect,
Your Excellency's most obedient humble serv't.,