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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Smith to Richard Caswell
Smith, Robert
July 24, 1777
Volume 11, Page 531

-------------------- page 531 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Edenton, 24th July, 1777.


The last time I had the honor of addressing your Excellency was on the 19th instant, in which I mentioned my having been at Halifax, with the intention of meeting you and your council to conclude what should be done about the armed Brig King Taminy, which the General Assembly thought proper to appoint me Commissioner for. Since I received the Resolve of the Assembly I have done my best to have her fitted ready for sea, and have put the greatest part of her cargo, to-wit, tobacco, on board, but am now stopped from proceeding any further, as I am ordered by the Assembly to load her out on Continental account and have her by Congress insured, and as I act for the secret Committee as agent, I can not with any degree of propriety, value the Brig, ascertain the freight, and make out a charter party. I therefore enclosed your Excellency the copy of the Resolve of the Assembly, with the request you would either appoint one as the Commissioner for the King Taminy, or allow men of judgment to set such value on the vessel and freight for the month, as you might think proper and for you & the Council. I was willing to charter her and on account of the Congress I would insure her against all risques whatever. It's true at both times I forgot to mention, and I would rather avoid it now if I could, but, the Taminy must not stay,—they grumble enough already—I mean the people. But I now will venture, should you and your council not incline to charter her to me, to name Mr. Chs. Bondfield, Mr. Josiah Collins, or Mr. John Smith, as men fit to be apppointed or any of them Com'rs. for the King Taminy. I think they would do justice, but am not sure whether they may act, tho' some of them I have no doubt will, and therefore it might be well to name them all or any one of them. Your ans'r by return of this express would much oblige me.

I have the honor to be, Sir,
Your obed't. serv't.,
To Gov. Caswell.