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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Vance to Richard Caswell
Vance, John
July 29, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 547-548

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Fort Forster, July 29th, 1777.


I take this opportunity to send my return, & likewise Capt. Ingram's return; I should been in myself, but I was alarmed by

-------------------- page 548 --------------------
these dam rascals, the Torys. We are few in numbers, but in high spirits. I have sent your Excellency and the honorable Council a new-projected Tory pudding with the plums in one end. I hope your Honour will approve of it. I have likewise sent your Honor a memorandum of materials wanting for the artillery, we are very impatient for our paymaster, if your Excellency please to appoint Mr. Harry Toomer paymaster of the company, Sir, we are at present destitute of a Doctor. I have got one of my own appointing I likewise been under of a necessity of appointing officers to keep decorum in the camp, for if I had not arrived in camp just as I did the company would been totally broke up. I have with a good deal of fatigue got them in good decorum once more. Money is our greatest object at present. I hope your Honours will approve the officers nominated by me, Mr. Phillip Jones 3rd Lieut. Mr. John Cureton Vance, Jr. Lieut. fireworker. Sir, I have inclosed in the letter the proceedings of the Court Martial held on Mr. John Allen.

Sir, I remain your humble servant,
His Excellency Richard Caswell.