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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Smith to Richard Caswell
Smith, Robert
July 31, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 553-554

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Edenton, 31 July, 1777.


The bearer, Mr. Alexander Gelatly, I have been well acquainted for a number of years. He has acted here as Register, and in several other capacities, in all of which he discharged his duty well and faithfully. He is, and ever since I knew him has been a most inoffensive character, and a very useful one, He carries certificates from the Clerk of this County for John Weir, Alexander Clarke, William Knight, James McClain, and John Baggs, and James Henderson, who were all cited last Court to take the oath. They chose rather to leave the Country than to do so. They, some of them did not come under the Act of Assembly I believe, and considered themselves pointed at. They are all men who have supported very fair characters, have ever been peaceful citisens,

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and borne their share of all public duties assigned them, but refused the oath of Government, and therefore entered into a recognisance to leave the Country agreeable to Act of Assembly—the time's near out, and they wait on your Excellency for your permission that they may depart the country. However different Mr. Gelatly's political opinions may be from mine, I think I can answer for the integrity of his heart, and I do believe he acts from principle. Any thing your Excellency can do consistent with the line of your duty to facilitate the departure of him and the others on whose behalf he appears would be conferring a favour on your Excellency's

most obed. & very Hble serv't.,
His Excellency Pichard Caswell.