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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from David Barrow to Richard Caswell
Barrow, David
August 04, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 555-556

[From Executive Letter Book.]

New Bern, Aug't 4th, 1777.

Dear Sir:—

Yesterday Lieut. Shaderick Fulcher returned from Ocacock to which place agreeable to your order I dispatched him after Mr. Brimage, who had the day before he got down to the Bar been taken into custody by Capt. Anderson, in consequence of information he rec'd from the Justices at Edenton. The night before Fulcher arrived at Ocacock, Brimage being on his parole made his escape to Roanoke Island, where he was taken up by John Mann of that place and conveyed to Edenton. Enclosed is the number of men Lieut. Fulcher by my order had with him, and as I am at a loss what to allow them, I hope the Gov'r. and Council will make them a generous allowance, as they undertook this expedition

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with much cheerfulness, and returned in as short a time as could be expected.

I am, Dear Sir, Your mo. ob. serv't.,

Lieut. Shaderick Fulcher
John Smith, Pilot.
Mathew Wise
Beverly Rew
Southy Rew
Major Tuly
Boat line.

For seven days, who found their own provisions and other expenses.

His Excellency Gov. Caswell.