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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Henry Irwin to Richard Caswell
Irwin, Henry, ca. 1725-1777
August 15, 1777
Volume 11, Page 578

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Halifax, 15th August, 1777.


I have delivered to Col. Williams a list of the names of the officers and soldiers now in this State belonging to the 5th Battalion: it is impossible for me to make a pay-roll, as many of our officers are absent. Regarding officers of my Regiment staying in this State to recruit, I am afraid they will meet with little or no success, as very little has been done in the past: if agreeable to your Excellency, I think their stay will be of no advantage. As I do not know of what money has been advanced to each officer for the recruiting service, I can't make any settlement with them; I also am told that some officers of the 5th Batt'n have resigned to you; as I can't account for their absence, shall be glad you will please to inform me if any have resigned to your Excellency. As my baggage &c has long a gone to the Nor'ward, and an over number of officers are now agoing, I shall be much obliged to have leave to go through the lower parts of Virginia, as I have business of great consequence to settle in Suffolk, and, as I have had the small pox, shall be able to get to the place the soldiers will take it at before they get there. I shall be in Tarb'o when this express returns, will be thankful for an answer.

I am, may it please your Excellency,
your most ob't serv't.,