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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Williams to Richard Caswell
Williams, John
August 16, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 579-580

-------------------- page 579 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Camp at Quankey, 16th Aug't, 1777.


You'll herewith receive pay-rolls of the different Battalions now assembled at this place; a number of the officers being absent when I rec'd your instructions, it was with difficulty I could get them made out. Col. Mebane and others of the field officers wishes to leave more than three officers for the recruiting service, and desired me to signify as much to your Excellency, and for my part I really would be glad we could, as I am inclinable to think persons are much fonder of entering into the service at this time, than they were some time ago, especially in the back parts; they begin to think we are an overmatch for the Britons. As several of the officers who had warrants on the Treasury were under the necessity of borrowing money to recruit with, and having it not in their power to replace the same, I hope money will be sent up for that purpose, as the credit of those Gent'l. is at stake. I beg leave to recommend Mr. Hugh Dobbins as a second Lieut. in the 9th Battalion (there being a vacancy): he is a very proper person, and a young Gentn. of fortune. It is expected a number of our officers intend to resign before we march for the Grand Army; since your last instructions, I have refused to accept of resignations, until I could hear from your Excellency, and would be glad to be informed, whether or not it is proper so to do? And whether the officers left on the recruiting service are to wait on your Excellency for instructions or not? Should have transmitted a list of those Gentlemen had it been in my power to have obtained it, but as I before observed, so many officers being absent, it was impossible. As I am desirous of conducting myself, in every particular, consistent with the duty of my office, and the good of my country, I beg, your Excellency would do me the honor, to give me such instructions as may be necessary, that I may be capable of, (if attended to, which I assure your Honor I will endeavour to comply with) to walk void of censure;

I am with respect Your Excellency's mo. obt. Hble. Serv't.,

P. S. Being but two Capt's. in the 2d Battalion, (to wit) Fen

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nor, & Benj. Williams, it will not do to leave Fennor, & Williams is anxious of going, therefore wishes a first Lieut. could be left in his room.

J. W.