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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Allen Jones to Richard Caswell
Jones, Allen, 1739-1807
August 20, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 581-582

[From Executive Letter Book.]

August 20th, 1777.


Agreeable to your Excellency's requisition I issued orders for a General Muster in the several Counties composing my Brigade but have not yet had a return, tho' I make no doubt of receiving them this week, and being ready to execute any orders issued by your Excellency. As the Continental Troops are to quit Halifax shortly and there are several atrocious offenders against the State in prison with many of their adherents at no great distance, I wish to have your directions as to the number of Militia necessary to have on duty; It appears to me absolutely necessary to have a full company if no more: but as you are well acquainted with the designs of the Tories, the importance of the magasines in town, and the necessity of bringing the conspirators now in prison to condign punishment, I make no doubt but your orders will be such as may prove advantageous to the State.

In the present scarcity of provisions I am appprehensive of meeting with some difficulty in dieting the guard, for no one will agree to find them for the stated rations. I therefore must submit it to

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you, whether it would not be eligible to employ a person to buy provision for the men, and pay him a certain price for his trouble. I beg a particular answer;

and am with real respect & esteem
Your Excellency's mo. obed. Ser't.,