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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Baptist Ashe to Richard Caswell
Ashe, John Baptista, 1748-1802
August 21, 1777
Volume 11, Page 583

-------------------- page 583 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Camp on Quankey, August 21st, 1777.


From several authentic informations, and also by a letter from Doct'r Wilson, Surgeon of the 6th North Carolina Battalion to me this morning; it seems Field Officers in the Continental service rise by a Colonial line, & not by a Regimental one; by which mode of promotion, I am not entitled to my present command, but find on setting the rank thus, I shall be reduced from it: from which motive I am induced to request of your Excellency to indulge me in remaining in the State, till such time as I can have it confirmed from General Nash, to whom I have wrote on the subject. Upon your Excellency's reflecting on the disagreeable situation I shall be in there, after a reduction (however just) (and from your Excellency's great delicacy of feeling) I flatter myself you will indulge me in my wish: and what still leads me to believe there is such a mode of rising, is a letter from Lieut. Col. Lytle in camp, ten miles below Philadelphia, to a Gent'm. of the N. Carolina forces in that city, acquainting him not to furnish himself with a tent or any camp equipage, for he might have all this,—from which I conclude that Gentleman, who is in the same predicament with me, does not intend continuing in the service after his reduction. Your Excellency's answer with a compliance will be particularly acknowledged by, Sir.

Your very obed't. very Humble Serv't.,