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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Ashe to Richard Caswell
Ashe, John, 1725-1781
August 24, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 591-592

-------------------- page 591 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Rocky Point, Aug't 24th, 1777.


I arrived safe with my charge the 18th inst. very ill with a fever the whole journey. I have enclosed, agreeable to your desire, an account of the bills drawn on the Continental Treasury, also Col. Long's reeipts as he desired. Your Excellency's favour of the 18th inst. came safe to hand, in pursuance of which I have appointed Mr. George Moore Junr. to receive the guns, stores, & implements belonging to the artillery in the hands of Capt. Vance, and gave him a receipt for the same, and to take an inventory, which I have directed to be signed by each of them, and sent me, in order to be forwarded to your Excellency, and have ordered a guard of fifty men on the artillery aud public stores, which I thought small enough, considering the situation of the place, and the number of malcontents in and about Wilmington, and that daily resort there: but if your Excellency should this too large, you'll please to signify what number you think sufficient, & they shall be reduced. The short time each relief of the Militia will be on this duty will render it impracticable for them to acquire any knowledge in the use of the artillery, so as to be useful to the State, should it have occasion for it, I would submit it to your Excellency and the Council when they next meet, whether it would not be more eligible to appoint a company to be raised without the charge of a bounty, at two shillings or two shillings & six pence a day with rations, to be in constant service till the end of the next session of the Assembly, and deemed a provincial artillery company, who, by, their length of service, will acquire a knowledge that may be useful to State if they should be called out. If this should be your Excellency's opinion, & the Council should come into the measure, I would beg leave if your Excellency has no particular person in view for the command, to recommend the person I have already appointed, & just to mention that Robert Bannerman, & Rowland Jones as

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persons I think would do for 1st & 2d Lieuts. and be useful even in recruiting men for such company.

I am with due esteem & respect,
Your Excellency's most obed. & humble Servant,

25th Ang't.

Col. P. Alston came late night & gave me the inclosed deposition.