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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Joseph Walker to Richard Caswell
Walker, Joseph
August 26, 1777
Volume 11, Page 595

-------------------- page 595 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Halifax, August 26th 1777.

Dr Sir:—

I must trouble Your Excellency with these to inform you that I was left Commanding Officer of the 7th No. Carolina Continental Battalion, left in this State on the recruiting service. I applied to Col. Williams for instructions how to proceed. He told me that he had a letter from your Excellency which said that the commanding officer of each Regiment should call on you for orders, or send, so that you might know when to send such instructions to them as your Excellency should think proper. I should have been happy in waiting on your honor myself, but I have just received a letter from my wife, who is very sick and I have been in camp in this place these seven weeks, and hope your Excellency will indulge me so far as to excuse me. This will be delivered you by Lieut. Joshua Daley. The officers left in the recruiting service out of the 7th Regiment, is as follows: Joshua Daley, Lieut; Davis Grandy, Ensign; John L. Hare, ditto; James Casstaphen, ditto; exclusive of myself, as will be sent you from Col. Williams very shortly. I have sent Mr. Daley to wait on Your Excellency with this letter, and to convey your orders to me, which you may depend shall be punctually obeyed. I have no recruiting money in my hands, as I did not get a warrant this spring. If you should think proper to give warrants, at least bills, I can sell them in my neighborhood: if you should think proper to grant a warrant on the Treasury, Mr. Daley will give a receipt in my name, which I have desired him to do. I have some money of my own, that I shall make use of in the recruiting service till I hear from your Excellency. I have a number of receipts in my hands that I have got from the new recruits that I have 'listed since the recruiting orders this spring, that I have not yet settled with the paymaster for, nor he has not money to advance to recruit with. All the officers have enough of their own to serve till they know where to apply to get it, and remain with the greatest respect your very humble

Servant and most obedient,
Captn. 7th Reg't.