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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Hamilton to Richard Caswell
Hamilton, John, d. 1817
August 27, 1777
Volume 11, Page 596

-------------------- page 596 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Hillsborough, August 27th, 1777.


I take the liberty to inclose to your Excellency the petition in behalf of my Brother, self, and others, which I beg your care in laying it before the honorable Council, and flatter myself with your Excellency's concurrence, they will pay proper attention to it and grant us the prayer of our petition.—It is a matter of too much moment to us, to be silent at this time, otherwise we would not presume to attract the attention of your Excellency and Honorable Council, with an affair so trifling to the State, when you are engaged in matters of such moment, but the late affair of Mr. Telfair, and the known good disposition of your Excellency, in assisting the distressed, emboldens us to petition your Excellency and the Honorable Council, & will plead an excuse for troubling your Excellency at this time.

I can with truth assure your Excellency, that his Excellency General Washington has repeatedly sent over to General Howe, by a flag, people of our situation, and allowed them to transport their property with them. Should your Excellency and Honorable Council favour us with your protection, in the manner set forth in the petition, would propose that Halifax or Edenton might be the place appointed for our rendez-vous, and that your Excellency will also be pleased to appoint an officer of your acquaintance to conduct us, and that he may be authorised to choose such men as he may think proper for a guard. About the 25th of September we shall be ready I believe to set off, about that time it will be proper that the guard may be got ready. I can't at present send your Excellency a list of all those who will embrace the opportunity of going with my Brother & self; therefore if your Excellency would take the trouble, to have a Resolve of Council passed, authorizing your Excellency to grant a passport to such as your Excellency approved of, it would give much satisfaction to all concerned. I shall be extremely happy to hear from you by Mr. McNair's return, fully on this affair. I beg pardon for the freedom, and remain with much esteem,

Your Excellency's most obedient Humble Serv't,

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P. S. I have annexed to the petition a number of subscribers who intend to embrace the opportunity of leaving the State; a number more have made application: a list of whom shall be transmitted to your Excellency in due time.

J. H.