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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to Abraham Sheppard, including related memorandum by Caswell
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
September 15, 1777 - November 18, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 614-615

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Newington, 15th September, 1777.


As I most sincerely wish every assistance in the power of this State to be given to the United States of America, not only as a duty incumbent on the people here, but for the honor of the State in general, and of those immediately concerned in particular; and in pursuance of the Resolves of Congress vesting me (as Chief Executive Magistrate in this State) with power to order and direct the march of the Continental Troops within this State; I do hereby require you to march the Regiment under your command together with the Artillery Company commanded by Capt. John Vance, from Kingston on Thursday the twenty fifth day of this instant September, by the shortest and best ways, and with the greatest expedition in your power, to Richmond town in Virginia, unless you receive contrary orders from your superior officer in the Continental service; and there you are to pursue such orders as you may receive from such officer, and for want of such officer you are to follow such further orders as you may receive from me: and in order to enable you to march your Battalion and the Artillery Company as aforesaid, you are to make me a proper return with all expedition of your numbers, arms, tents, blankets, clothes, wagons, carts, horses, baggage, and every article necessary on your

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march, which you now have, and also which you have not and will actually stand in need of on such march: this return I expect in time so as to direct the provision.


N. B.

Col. Sheppard's Battalion marched from Kingston on the 25th of September agreeable to the above orders, and some few days after, I sent Col. Sheppard orders to proceed from Richmond to headquarters, and join General Washington's army, with the utmost expedition: these orders, he has since told me, he received, on searching my papers here, do not find a copy, but the above is the substance.


Newbern, 18th Novr. 1777.