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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Francis Brice to Richard Caswell
Brice, Francis
September 16, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 619-620

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Wilmington, Sept. 16th, 1777.


I have the pleasure to acquaint your Excellency of my having purchased for the Public, three hundred and sixty two barrels of Pork and eighteen of Beef. All which, (tho' bought at a very warm season of the year) I have in exceeding good order, from the frequent over hauls I have given it, in having it coopered and filled up with strong pickle, which will be attended with some considerable expense, from the high price that salt has been at here for some time past. I have applied to Gen'l Ashe respecting the removal of it tomorrow. I expect his orders to have the stores and provisions conveyed, will come to some officer under his command.

-------------------- page 620 --------------------
When the provisions are removed, I shall take particular care to have it all filled up with pickle and recoopered.

In the absence of Mr. Craike, I have the pleasure of executing your Excellency's orders to him, and in obedience thereto, I have delivered Col. Dauge 12 barrels of Gunpowder wg 2620 lb. nt. and 8 pieces of lead wg 3866 lb nt. which I hope will get safe to the magasine at Kingston—There yet remains in tbis magasine, Lead sufficient to load all these wagons and carts entirely—besides the proportionate quantity to the one ton of Powder that remains here. The ammunition I suppose General Ashe will order out of Town with all expedition. I am most respectfully

Your Excellency's very obedient servant,

To Col. Dauge, I have delivered 2 Barrels of Pork.