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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Peter Mallett and Daniel Mallett to Richard Caswell
Mallett, Peter, 1744-1805; Mallett, Daniel
September 20, 1777
Volume 11, Page 632

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Cross Creek, 20th September, 1777.


Your Excellency will greatly oblige us by giving us an order on the Treasurer for the sum of two thousand pounds, proc. For which sum we shall be accountable when we settle with the Council, said sum not being near the balance due us by the State for Provisions supplied the Troops since the 6th of January last which was the time of last settlement. Without we can obtain the above order we cannot receive the money from the Treasurer.

We have made large contracts for provisions for the Troops, and unless we can be supplied with money from the Treasurers, we shall be under the disagreeable necessity of making sale of what provisions we have on hand in order to make good our agreements.

We doubt not but that your Excellency will take this matter into consideration, and order the above sum to be paid to—

Your Excellency's most obed Servants,