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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Buchanan to Richard Caswell
Buchanan, James
September 22, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 633-634

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Windsor, Bertie County 22d Sept. 1777.


Enclosed is three certificates from the Clerk of our County Court, certifying that the Revd. Mr. Francis Johnston, Mr. Robert Lenox, and myself, have given bond and security, to depart the State in sixty days from the date, having refused to take the oath prescribed by this State.

The purport of this is, to request your Excellency to grant us a pass, in order to prevent us from being molested, while in the Country, and also if possible to hinder American cruisers, from making a prize of us on our passage to the West Indies, having no commodities on board, but what we are permitted to carry out by the laws, of this State. In case it should be necessary, I have

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subjoined a manifest of Cargo, on board my small Brigantine & remain

Respectfully Sir your very huml Servt.
The Honorable Richard Caswell.

Manifest of Cargo on board the Brigantine Tryal, Peter Murry Master. Bound for Saint Croix–

10 Hogshead Staves.

5 Hhds Tobacco.

Burthen about
35 or 40 Tons.

1 Lnd Leading

& a bundle of Deer skins.