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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Abraham Sheppard to Richard Caswell
Sheppard, Abraham, fl. 1759-1790
October 15, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 651-652

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Contentney, the 15th of October 1777.

Dear Governor:—

I am just from Camp in the Ocaneaches, over Roanoke, and should have been far on my march, but waiting from Monday the sixth of this month 'till yesterday, and not having the good fortune either to see or hear of the Commissary of Stores, and on equiring into the Stores by Col. Long there is neither shoes nor breeches for the soldiers, nor Blankets or stockings. So I thought it most proper to wait on you which I shall do to-morrow, and on some

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other accounts which I shall communicate when I see you. I saw Col. Harris of South Carolina at Halifax, who was in the Battle, and acted that day as Aidecamp to General Washington, and I made particular enquiry after your son's health, he told me he was well, and was not called on in the Battle, although he is thought a good & brave young officer by the General. All my men are hearty and in good spirits, and have all pretty well come into Camp. I have been much harrassed for Bread, the Mills being all dry, although we have just kept enough to satisfy them. The bearer Benjamin Crossen who does deliver this came to me at Camp, with some of his friends, who says he is unjustly dealt with as will appear by his papers.

I am Sir your most humble servant,