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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Cocke to Richard Caswell, including related minutes of the Washington District Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
Cocke, William, 1747-1828
October 15, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 652-653

[From Executive Letter Book.]

October 15th 1777.


The bearer Mr. Walker waits on you with complaints that I was not duly elected Clerk for the District of Washington with some ex-party depositions and letters explanatory. I beg leave to trouble you with a copy of the Court's order as pr enclosed, and shall thank you to excuse the unnecessary trouble, I am giving you which I should have avoided, had I not understood that some Gentlemen have given testimony in order to invalidate the records of a Court of which they are members, and was present when the order issued, as you will see by the copy.

I am your most &c.
His Excellency Richard Caswell.

-------------------- page 653 --------------------

At a Court held for Washington District this 4th Tuesday in August, 1777.

Present John Carter Senior, Andrew Green, John McNabb, Wm Clark, Joseph Wilson, Benjamin Guest, Thos. H. Haughton, Jacob Wammock, John Chisholm, Wm Bean, George Russell, Chas. Robertson, Zacha. Isbell and John McMason. Genl ordered that William Cocke be appointed Clerk of the Court of the Washington District, he being duly elected and have taken the usual oath for the performance of his duty of his said office. A copy

WM. COCKE, C. C. W. D.