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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Robertson to Richard Caswell
Robertson, James, 1742-1814
October 17, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 654-655

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Oct. 17th day 1777.

Hond. Sir:—

I have just returned from the Cherokee Town & left them, by all appearance in a disposition of peace. I have no apprehension of their breaking out, except they should be influenced by Cameron, who is coming into their Towns.

The Great Warrior desires application might be made to the State for goods to be sent to their Towns, that might supply them. Cameron wont suffer goods to come to the upper Towns, on Tennessee while they continue in peace with the Americans. The Indians say he makes much diversion of their having Bark Trade with the Americans.

My opinion could the State supply them with goods, nothing but peace would ensue.

-------------------- page 655 --------------------

The Great Warrior says, he hopes he will have the good news to tell in his Towns, that the Americans can supply his people with goods as well as Cameron. I held a conference with them the 29th of last month, where I was informed that Cameron had wrote them that Lord Howe was in Philadelphia with his army, and that the Americans must soon give up. But I hope that Little Carpenter, Willinawaugh, and Great Warrior will have better news to tell after their return, for they are appointed to wait on your Excellency, by the rest of the nation. For further particulars beg leave to refer your Excellency to the Delegates from Washington District.

I am Sir your most obedient humble servant,
JAMES ROBERTSON, Superintendent.