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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Emmet to Richard Caswell
Emmet, James
November 08, 1777
Volume 11, Pages 673-674

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Crosscreek, 8th, Nov. 1777.


I am to inform your Excellency, that owing to my indisposition I was ordered home, as well for the recovery of my health, as to execute the orders given to me by my Col. (Sumner) the heads of which, I am instructed to transmit to you. I could also wish to inform your Excellency, that it will be impossible for any single man, to take Deserters, and being in no ways authorised to command assistance, I fear, I shall not be able to execute that part of my orders; indeed I had a troublesome, as well as an expensive experience of it this time last year, but shall do my utmost to comply with any order I may receive from your Excellency.

I am with due deference, Sir, your obedient Servant,
JAMES EMMET, Capt. 3d Battn.

Heads of Col. Sumner's Orders:

To enquire how the recruiting officers, detached from Halifax last April, go on, & what success they have had. To direct recruiting parties with their recruits. To march for Head Quarters immediately and join their Battalion. Rout by way of Petersburg, Fredericksburg, Alexandria &c. To procure money from the Treasurer for their march. To draw money for recruiting and do my utmost in that service, and take up all deserters. To give

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recruiting instructions to such officers, who are not able to join their Battalion, and to send forward those who are. To inform his Excellency the Governor of any return from Camp, and heads of these Instructions, and request his further orders. To write to Col: Sumner, the success, & consult his every opportunity.