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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Vance to Richard Caswell
Vance, John
November 12, 1777
Volume 11, Page 676

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Camp Arthers Creek, November 12th, 1777.

I have an opportunity by Capt. Williams to write your Excellency a few lines in haste, with the Regulation of the Artillery pay of my officers and Soldiers, which I went to Williamsburg Virginia for, and have enclosed the same to your Excellency. Humbly requesting you to order the paymaster to pay up the arrears as I expect to march my Company when Col: Sheppard returns to Camp. Mr. Blount called at Camp as he came from Head Quarters, and said he had not got the Regulations of the Artillery pay, but he was willing to pay up arrears from the date of our first appointment, which was May 9th, 1776.

I am your Obedient humble servant,