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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Henry Laurens to Richard Caswell
Laurens, Henry, 1724-1792
November 25, 1777
Volume 11, Page 685

[From Executive Letter Book.]

York Town, Pennsylvania 25th Nov 1777.


The last address which I had the honor of presenting to your Excellency, and which remains with the former unanswered was dated the 5th Instant.

My present duty is to convey a Resolve of Congress of this date, in which your Excellency is requested and enabled to perform an essential service to the United States, by appointing proper persons for purchasing, and others for manufacturing in the State in which you preside, certain articles of Leather for the use of the army.

Congress have been encouraged to give your Excellency this trouble by the Delegates from North Carolina, and have only in view the general interests of these States. Nothing therefore is needful for me to add but a reference to the Resolve. Just as I was about concluding, certain advice came to our hand of an English Frigate of 28 Guns & two Transport Ships, going out from Rhode Island, having run aground near point Judah, that one Boat load of men attempting to get on shore were overset and drowned, the rest, Ships and Men taken. Our people expressed hopes of getting all the Ships afloat again and in good order. This account which I write in haste is crude, but the general fact may be regarded as true.

I have the honor to be with very great respect Sir, your Excellency's Mo. Obdt. Servt.
Prest. Cong.